1. Gender and Climate Action

With Niklas Elert

Population and Environment (forthcoming)

2. Market Power and Joint Ownership: Evidence from Nuclear Plants in Sweden

Journal of Industrial Economics, Vol. 69, 2021 [Ungated PDF]

Media coverage: Expressen (article by Swedish economist John Hassler)

3. Cournot Competition in Wholesale Electricity Markets: The Nordic Power Exchange, Nord Pool

With Thomas Tangerås

International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol. 68, 2020. [Ungated PDF]

4. Effects of Privatization on Price and Labor Efficiency: The Swedish Electricity Distribution Sector

The Energy Journal, Vol. 41, Issue 2, 2020. [Ungated PDF]

Media coverage: Radio Sweden (interview), SvD, DN. About 25 smaller newspapers also cited the original press release from TT.

Effekter av privatiseringar på pris och arbetskostnad i den svenska eldistributionssektorn (Swedish summary

written by me in Ekonomisk Debatt)

5. Price Mimicking under Cost-of-Service Regulation: The Swedish Water Sector

Journal of Regulatory Economics, Vol. 52, Issue 3, 2017. [Ungated PDF]

Media coverage: Bötfäll kommuner som inte redovisar vattenkostnader (op-ed written by me in Dagens Samhälle)

Consumer awareness as a complement to regulation (summary of main results written by me in IFN Newsletter)

Working Papers

Geographic Price Granularity and Investments in Wind Power: Evidence From a Swedish Market Splitting Reform

R&R, Energy Economics

Work in Progress

Geographic Proximity to Politicians and Voter Choice in a Decentralized Representative Democracy: Evidence from Sweden

With Özge Öner