Journal of Industrial Economics (accepted for publication). [Ungated PDF] 

    With Thomas Tangerås
    International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol. 68, 2020. [Ungated PDF] 

    The Energy Journal, Vol. 41, Issue 2, 2020. [Ungated PDF]  

    Journal of Regulatory EconomicsVol. 52, Issue 3, 2017. [Ungated PDF] 

Working Papers

IFN WP No. 1332, April 2020.

Work in Progress

The Political Economy of Renewable Generation Location Decisions: Evidence from Sweden

Individual Metering and Demand Response in the Water Sector

Geographic Proximity to Politicians and Voter Choice in a Decentralized Representative Democracy: Evidence from Sweden

Effects of Increased Geographical Price Dispersion on Investments in Wind Power: Evidence from Sweden