Journal of Industrial Economics (accepted for publication). [Ungated PDF] 
   Media coverage: Expressen (article by Swedish economist John Hassler)

    With Thomas Tangerås
    International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol. 68, 2020. [Ungated PDF] 

    The Energy Journal, Vol. 41, Issue 2, 2020. [Ungated PDF]  
    Media coverage: Radio Sweden (interview)SvD, DN. About 25 smaller newspapers also cited the original press release from TT.
                                  Effekter av privatiseringar på pris och arbetskostnad i den svenska eldistributionssektorn (summary in Swedish written by me in Ekonomisk Debatt)

    Journal of Regulatory EconomicsVol. 52, Issue 3, 2017. [Ungated PDF]
    Media coverage: Bötfäll kommuner som inte redovisar vattenkostnader (op-ed written by me in Dagens Samhälle)
                               Consumer awareness as a complement to regulation (summary of main results written by me in IFN Newsletter)

Working Papers

IFN WP No. 1332, April 2020.

Work in Progress

Individual Metering and Demand Response in the Water Sector

Geographic Proximity to Politicians and Voter Choice in a Decentralized Representative Democracy: Evidence from Sweden